Friday, 5 April 2013

AIM Opening Salvo

Day 2: Campaigning for 15-0, the Achievement with Integrity Movement (AIM) ended their Proclamation Rally with a salute to the Generals held at Oval, Sunday, March 31, 2013. All the candidates were present, except Councilor Llido who attended the wake of her nephew in Manila. She was represented by her son, and a video of her message was shown. Mr. Banac, a police officer, pegged the crowd at about 20,000.

I made it a point to attend the Opening Salvo of the AIM since event like this lays down the foundation of the campaign.
During opening salvos, parties put their best foot forward, trying to make an impression that they are already winners. Many times did candidates affirm the crowd that as shown by their attendance victory is certain. Generally, nobody would want to join a losing team.
Political campaign is like building a house. You build first the foundation—what is this election all about. And from thereon you strengthen your case with supporting arguments, evidences, and various methods. The opening salvo is the best place to establish the foundation (of the message).
The following are my observations on how the AIM sees this election.
1.       This election is about PERFORMANCE. Everyone presented their accomplishments. After expressing their greetings, and gratitude for the past election, they would then mention the landmark ordinances they sponsored in their respective committees and other tangible projects in which they became part of. They stressed that out of about 90 ordinances passed in the council, only 2-3 were authored by the trio opposition.

Leyson IV talked on Gensan being No. 1 in agriculture (yet to clarify on what specific sense is Gensan being No. 1 in agriculture) and the revenues generated from it. He also took pride on a “sample” he did on Blue Ribbon Committee (referring to Brgy. Captain Frenila of Fatima, perhaps).

Atendido assured the crowd, that as Chair of Committee on Finance and Appropriation, budget were properly divided and allocated to different social services to meet the needs. He also emphasized the importance of sanitary landfill, a project which he said the Opposition is against on.

Bagonoc talked about investments; de Claro on transportation; Natividad on social services for PWD, Senior Citizens Women and GAD Code; Santos on education and the newly-built classrooms, newly-opened primary schools, and LSB-paid teachers; Oco on health, improvements of the Emergencey Hospital and building of a new one in Calumpang; Forones on his accomplishments as former Brgy. Captain; Acharon on medical assistance, scholarships, and his support in sourcing out fund from the national government on various projects (he did not however mention his stand on different national issues).

Mayor Darlene uttered only few sentences about her accomplishments, but instead did a heart-to-heart conversation with the audience. He discussed what a true “change” is, notwithstanding what the opposition has been shouting. Change, she said, is about how General Santos developed from a rural barangay into a very progressive city complete with airport, fishport, and wharf which generated jobs for the Generals. However, one thing remained unchanged, she added: the campaign style which includes name-calling, and that the opposition, in their refusal to cooperate in problem-solving didn’t mention positive achievements of the Administration, and kept on pounding on negative issues. She challenged the crowd to persevere with them in campaigning 15-0 victory.

Point: since they had many accomplishments, projects yet to continue, and that the opposition did nothing, they deserve the Generals’ vote.

2.       Mayor Custodio should not be blamed for the brown-out. Bagonoc pointed out that “it is the obligation of the power utility to forecast, to assure and to provide power” on its franchise area, referring to SOCOTECO as the responsible. Vic Dante added that why blame Mayor Darlene in Gensan, but not blame Cong. Pacman or the Mayors in Sarangani, whose areas are experiencing the same.

3.       AIM does not abuse their authority and is not corrupt. “Ang partidong AIM wala nagapangawat, wala nagapanagpa, wala nagapangbungkag ug pamilya, nagabayad ug buwis, dili abusado.” On this note, they would narrate how Roel Pacquiao hit a certain person in one billiard hall, revived why Ryan Rivera slapped Ging Gacal, and what’s the real reason why Councilor Rivera was shot by a certain Januard.

4.       AIM has the connection with Pnoy and with the latter’s help could build large-scale infrastructure projects.

Other issues raised by the AIM.

1.       Rivera’s don’t pay their taxes in Gensan, but in Cebu. I wonder how this happened since it’s the duty of the BIR to assure the proper collection.
2.       Sanitary landfill was opposed by the Opposition. This was raised by Councilor Atendido. In an interview on Thursday, Atendido said that every time sanitary landfill is being discussed, Vice Mayor relinquishes her chair and the two councilors (Rivera and Lagare) oppose the measure.
3.       Pantawid Pasada budget for the transportation sector was not released because the Vice Mayor blocked it due to its legality. Councilor de Claro raised this issue. Being the number 12 on previous election, this issue could cost his reelection bid, if the message is not clearly sent across. What’s the power of the Vice Mayor to block it since they have the number in the council?
4.       Moral issues of Ronnel Rivera. “Sheila, itug-an ang tinuod nganong gipusil ni Januard si City Councilor Ronnel Rivera?” Vic Dante shouted in the rally.
5.       Titling of 400 hectares land by the Rivera’s in Tambler. 
6.       Magsaysay Park issue of former Mayor Nunez.
7.       Business sector supports the AIM because they fear Rivera’s monopoly on business and abuse of power should he be elected.

These are the points that the AIM Party is trying to send across. There will be changes on emphasis depending on how the campaign goes on. On the other hand, the PCM Gensan will conduct its Opening Salvo today at Oval Stage. What could be their message? We’ll see.

Friday, 11 January 2013

2013 Elections: Profile of Dr. Janena A. "Honey" Tito

for City Councilor in General Santos City

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Science in Education, NDDC, General Santos City, 1963
Master of Arts in Educational Administration (Acad.), NDMU, Koronadal City, 1974
Master of Arts in Health Education, PNC, Manila, 1978
Doctor of Philosophy in Development Administration, USEP, Davao City, 2006

Positions Held:

  • Public School Teacher, General Santos City Division, 1962 - 1976
  • District Coordinator in Non-Formal and Community Education, General Santos West District, 1973 – 1980
  • High School Faculty, MSU – General Santos City, 1977 – 1980
  • Assistant Director for Student Affairs, MSU – General Santos City, 1979 – 1980
  • Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, MSU – General Santos City, 1981 – 1988
  • Assistant Professor in College of Education, MSU – General Santos City, 1987 – 1989
  • Regional Peace Commissioner, Regional Consultative Commission Representing First District of South Cotabato, March 26, 1988
  • Assistant Regional Coordinator in Education, Culture, and SPORTS, ARMM, 1990 – 1991
  • Acting Secretary, DECS, ARMM, 1992 -1993
  • Board Member, MSU Board of Regents (R.A. 6734), 1991 – 1993
  • College Dean, Mindanao Polytechnic College, General Santos City, 1997 – 2002
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mindanao Polytechnic College, General Santos City,  2002 – 2003
  • Affiliate Fellow, Mindanao Center for Policy Studies, USEP, Davao City, February 11, 2006
  • Research Director, Brokenshire College SOCSKSARGEN, General Santos City, 2007 – 2008
  • College Dean, Department of Education,Brokenshire College SOCSKSARGEN, General Santos City 2009 – 2011
  • Guest Lecturer, MSU Graduate School, General Santos City, 2011 – Present


  • PPSTA Scholar (Adult and Community Education), Cebu State Normal University, Cebu City, 1973
  • BPS – PNC Scholar (MA – Health Education), Philippine Normal College, Manila, 1974 – 1975
  • MSU Fellowship Grantee, Philippine Normal College, Manila, 1977
  • DAP Interagency Program for Executive Development for Region XI, Davao City,  October 1 – 28, 1979
  • EDPITAF Fellowship Grantee, Institutional Management Course, SEAMEO SEARC Innotech, Quezon City, April – May, 1993

Awards and Achievements:

  • Constitution to Peace Building in Mindanao, NDDC Alumni Association, 1988
  • Outstanding Woman Leadership, Soroptimist International, General Santos City, 1990
  • Head of Delegation representing General Santos City to Women’s Forum of People’s Association for Friendship, Shanton City, Guandong, People’s Republic of China, 1990
  • Philippine Delegate, Regional Conference on Special Education for Children with Special Needs Sponsored by UNESCO, New Delhi, India, November 1991
  • Delegate, National Congress on Education, Congressional Commission on Education, Congress of the Philippines, Manila, November 29 – 30, 1991
  • Participated in Peace Building and Development in Mindanao:
  • Resource Speaker in the Series of Symposia on SPCPD: It’s Implication to Peace and Development of Mindanao, 1977
  • Resource Speaker: “The Mindanao Conflict”, Training Center, Lahug, Cebu City, 1999
  • Presenter: Government of Republic of the Philippines (GRP) Position if the Peace Negotiation Process under the auspices of Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPACC) covering Davao City, Cotabato City, Bacalod City, Baguio City, Palawan, Manila, February – March 2010
  • Contribution to the Conceptualization of the “Kalilangan Festival” (her brainchild during the Golden Anniversary of General Santos) that pave its official adoption as the carrier of the Annual Commemoration of the Founding Anniversary of General Santos, February 24, 2011

Published Works:

  • Paper on “Royal Sultanate of Maguindanao” published 1999 by Center for Southeast Asia Studies, Kyoto University, Japan
  • Comparative Development Administration of Maritime Educational Institution in Selected Countries, Published 2006 by Mindanao Center for Policy Studies, USEP, Davao City

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Gensan Candidates for 2013 elections

UNA-PCM General Santos City Candidates

Congressman: Rogelio Pacquiao

Mayor: Ronnel Rivera
Vice Mayor: Shirlyn Banas-Nograles


Francis Martinez

Rosalita Nunez
Ramon R. Melliza
Franklin M. Gacal Jr.
Janena Tito
Shandee Llido
Reynaldo Abing
Dominador Lagare III
Brix Tan
Rogelio Garcia
Rodolfo Ladrera
Arturo Cloma

LP-AIM General Santos City

Congressman: Pedro Acharon Jr.
Mayor: Darlene Antonino-Custodio
Vice Mayor: Eduardo Leyson III

Elizabeth Bagonoc
Vivencio Dinopol
Richard Atendido
Nepthale Natividad
Dante Vicente
Virginia Llido
Marius Orlando Oco
Margareth Rose Santos
Remus de Claro
Minardo Avila
Cirilo Forones
Eduardo D. Leyson IV

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Incumbent Officials

Here are the present officials of the General Santos City:

Congressman:  Hon. Pedro B. Acharon Jr. (South Cotabato)

Mayor: Antonino-Custodio, Darlene Magnolia R.
Vice Mayor: Banas, Shirlyn L.

  1. Rivera, Ronnel C.
  2. Bagonoc, Elizabeth B.
  3. Dinopol, Vivencio
  4. Atendido, Richard L.
  5. Natividad, Nephtale P.
  6. Leyson, Eduardo
  7. Vicente, Dante S.
  8. Llido, Virginia T.
  9. Lagare III, Dominador S.
  10. Oco, Marius Orlando A.
  11. Santos, Margareth Rose N.
  12. de Claro, Remus

President (ABC): Casabuena, Lulu
President (SK Federation):  Tablazon, Mac Alejandre M.

Of the present officials three belong to the opposition--Vice-Mayor Banas, Councilor Ronnel Rivera, and Dominador Lagare. For the upcoming 2013 elections, will the majority still be the majority? Or will the minority get more seats? Let's see. The greatest question perhaps is: Who will be the standard bearer of the opposition to run as mayor against Mayor Antonino?

Everybody will likely say that it's Councilor Rivera. He has the well-oiled machinery to run a campaign. But has he the accomplishments that makes him worthy for such position? Are accomplishments important at all to vie for the highest position in the city?

What do you think?

Monday, 17 October 2011

Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio

Here's the profile of  Mayor Darlene as posted in her official website:
Full Name: Mayor Darlene Magnolia Ricasa Antonino-Custodio
Date of Birth: December 26, 1973
Place of Birth: California, U.S.A.
Religion: Roman Catholic
Father:  Adelbert Welborn Antonino
     Elected Congressman – 1st Dist., South Cotabato 1987
     Elected Mayor – General Santos City 1992, 1998
Mother: Luwalhati Ricasa Antonino
     Elected Congresswoman – 1st Dist., South Cotabato 1992, 1995, 1998
Husband: Benjamin B. Custodio
Children: Aaron Vincent A. Custodio
      Karina Anika A. Custodio
Party Affiliation: Nationalist People’s Coalition
Office Address: Office of the City Mayor, General Santos City Hall, City Hall Drive, General Santos City 9500
E-mail Address: cmo[at]
Elementary: O.B. Montessori, Manila (1982-1988)
High School: O.B. Montessori, Manila (1988-1992)
College: De La Salle University, Manila (1992-1996)
      Bachelor of Science in Management
Postgraduate: Cordon Bleu, London, England (1996-1997)
       Masters in Culinary Arts
       Harvard Kennedy School’s Leaders in Development (LID) (June 2008)
       Executive Program Harvard University, Massachussetts
If you notice in her postgraduate data, she has Masters in Culinary Arts. It implies magaling din pala siya magluto. Ganun din kaya kagaling ang pamumuno niya or mas magaling pa? Magaling din kaya ang timpla ng communications team niya to send the right message across regarding her achievements as City Mayor? 

Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Race Is On

By now with about 20 months to go before the 2013 elections, the politicos should have at least started visiting more barangays, giving more to donations, attending all Purok and Barangay Anniversaries and Fiestas, and make themselves more available to the media.

The incumbents who are used to stay in their homes "doing homeworks" and busy doing legislative works in the office should have realized that these are not enough to win for reelections. They need to communicate what they have accomplished and their strong positions in various issues.

Those who didn't make it last election and are planning to fight once again should start saving and checking what parties are "winnable", hoping to get a free hitchhike. Or they could ask their previous party-mates updates on their plans.

And for those who are aspiring for Mayorship, they are now in the midway of their campaigns. The campaign started a week after the 2010 elections. In SK Federation and the ABC elections, they were the "testing the waters". The number of Barangay Captains who will support a mayoralty candidate matters especially with those barangays who are known for their command votes.

Finally to the voters, 20 more months to go and you will be once again be the most powerful generals in the city. They will be begging and persuading you to believe in them. 

So be wise! Let's start observing the political climate and how the politicos behave. The race is on!